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Front Photo of Safe House Church


Safe House church was built on a promise that God would provide a safe house for His people.

A Safe House for the broken, hurting, and those that are stuck in sin, as well as a safe place to grow for those that know and desire to follow the Lord. Safe House Church exists to see the lost saved and the saved well prepared for the Lord’s return.

In the ministry of the word, worship, fellowship and discipleship we keep focusing on Jesus and on the people Jesus loves.
With the great commission in mind we believe the Lord will guide and empower to help people to live a full and affective life in christ.

We come together to celebrate and bless the lord, we trust Him to keep His promise to build for us a Safe House.




President/Senior Pastor:

First Lady/Associate Pastor:

Pastor's Assistant/Church Clerk:

Admin Secretary:

Admin Treasurer: 

Worship & Music Director:

Worship Leaders:


S.A. Mons

Inna Mons

Sofia Zhiryada

Veronika Faevtsev

Ella Buzhduga

Rus Bozhduga

Ella Bozhduga and Veronika Faevtsev

Daniel Faevtsev, Rusland Buzhduga, Russ Zhdanov, Nicholas Vega, and Ilya Shchetinin


Mons Family

Safe House Ministries was founded after a time of fervent prayer.
The Lord gave a promise on which Safe House has been built ever since.

The first time S.A. Mons came from the Netherlands to America, he enrolled to study at Summit International School of Ministry in Pennsylvania, founded by David Wilkerson. Since graduating he has ministered in various countries in all aspects of the ministry.

S.A. Mons has traveled extensively to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has helped establish local churches and founded Safe House Ministries together with his wife Inna.

Pastor Stan and Inna Mons have three kids Sion, Lenie, and Essie Mons. They currently serve and live in Portland Oregon USA.

After living in several different countries ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ they settled here to plant a local church.

In a special way the Lord brought Stan and Inna together as originally Inna was born in Ukraine and Stan was born and raised in the Netherlands. They minister together and have a heart to serve both the lost and the church of our Lord.

Photo of the Mons Family
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