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If you feel alone in a struggle, if marriage doesn’t really seem to be what you expected it to be, or if you simply need to talk to someone. Our counseling ministry is available to you.

We have an in house family counselor and all of our counseling is Biblically based.

As the Holy Spirit is our Counselor, it may be arguable wether a believer actually needs counseling. However as the Spirit leads we help people get to the place where they can hear the voice of the Lord clearly for themselves.

When your relationship with the great counselor is strengthened you won’t need the body of christ as counselor anymore.

Until that time we are here to help you identify boundaries that pain and disappointments have often caused us to put up. When boundaries we put up between us and the Lord go undetected they can cause a variety of challenges on the surface and even in our character. As we let go and are guided closer to Christ the Holy Spirit comes to heal and restore the damage we suffered. As we become more and more able again to wholly surrender to the Lord, He revives us in every way.


If you have a need, or question, please reach us through the contact form.


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