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Are You Ready?

Updated: Feb 13


Sermon Summary:

"Wake up" is the call, a poignant reminder that time is slipping away. Are you prepared to face the King, or have distractions and blindness set in? Are you constructing things on Earth that will be washed away when the Lord knocks on your door, or when death comes calling?

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, a recurring principle emerges. People of God did not live for the present on Earth; they lived with the awareness that they belonged to God and were destined for eternity. In the modern Church, the question arises: how many individuals can still foresee the conclusion of their earthly existence? How many comprehend that they are alive for eternity and will imminently stand before God?

The apostle Paul exemplified this understanding, stating that going to be with the Lord was far better for him. However, he recognized the significance of staying longer on Earth for the benefit of others. He knew that the Holy Spirit resided within him, prompting him to wait for the optimal time. This contrasts with the contemporary Church, where individuals often lack a clear vision of the end of their earthly journey.

Hebrews 11 portrays believers as sojourners, individuals on a perpetual journey who never claimed a permanent place on Earth. They were strangers who, even before Jesus' time, longed for a heavenly homeland. Their lives were centered on the notion that they were leaving soon to stand before God.

The essential question today is: Are you ready? Can you perceive the end of your stay, understanding that life on Earth is transient, and you're living for eternity? The allocation of resources should reflect this eternal perspective, focusing on the Heavenly Homeland awaiting you, as you no longer feel at home in this world.

To be born again signifies a transformation from corruptible to incorruptible. The Word of God shapes and forms individuals, becoming the foundation of their hearts. A doer of the Word becomes unshakeable, echoing Jesus' assertion that such a person cannot be shaken, irrespective of life's storms.

However, when the Word is not the cornerstone of life, the enemy can attack peace in various aspects, be it relationships, work, or identity. The absence of the Word as the building block allows fear, anxiety, and uncertainty to infiltrate.

God desires an unshakable life for His followers, unaffected by death or life's storms. The command to "wake up" reverberates, urging believers to be prepared for Christ's imminent return. The question arises: How will you fare when you first witness God's glory and stand before the King of Kings? You will be judged according to His Word, the promises made available to you, and whether you built your life upon them.

The Lord seeks an unreserved surrender of your life for the salvation of many, and He will judge you based on His Word. As you anticipate the end of your stay on Earth, examine your life, ensuring that the Word has transformed you into an imperishable being. Be a doer of the Word, not just a knower, and lay down your life for the eternal glory of Christ.

-Pastor Stan Mons


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