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The Battle for God's Presence in Your Life

Updated: Jan 9

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Sermon Summary:

Have you ever longed for a tangible sense of God's presence in your life? Perhaps you've felt disappointed, even afraid, to approach God because the presence you once felt seems distant now. You may have prayed, opened your Bible, and sought that connection, only to be met with a feeling of absence. But deep down, you desire not just knowledge but a genuine encounter with God's presence, a realization beyond mere theology or doctrine.

In my years of ministry across various countries, I've encountered numerous individuals expressing a common struggle: feeling disconnected from God's presence in their day-to-day lives. They might feel touched during worship or when a particular scripture speaks directly to them. However, outside those moments, amidst daily challenges or conflicts, that sense of God's presence often seems elusive.

The desire to not only know about God but to experience His presence daily is a common yearning among believers. There's a hunger to see, feel, and walk in the assurance that God is always present, guiding through both mundane and difficult moments.

Many encounter God and recognize His absence in their lives. This awareness stirs a deep longing—a desire to live in a continuous awareness of God's presence, not settling for an imitation of peace or faith but craving the genuine relationship promised by God.

In the Bible, there's an account where God assures His people of His plan but expresses disappointment at their constant distrust and waywardness. Despite this, God promises His protection and guidance but withholds His tangible presence due to their defiance.

This scenario mirrors our lives at times. We may stray, prioritize worldly desires, or struggle to maintain faith. Yet, God's promise remains: He won't forsake us. However, the absence of His presence can feel distressing, making us question forgiveness, favor, or our distinctiveness as God's people.

Moses, in the same vein, interceded for the people, stepping into the gap between God and His people. He pleaded for God's continued presence, recognizing its paramount importance in their lives.

Likewise, many of us desire that unbroken communion with God, seeking His presence not just as a theological concept but as a lived reality. We're faced with a daily battle for this closeness—a battle that transforms our decisions, prayers, and attitudes.

The question arises: How do we access this constant presence of God? The answer lies in Christ, the Living Word, the gateway to the Father. Scripture affirms that only through Christ can we truly experience the Father's presence in our lives.

No believer who experiences God's daily presence abstains from engaging with the Word. The act of seeking Christ through the Word ushers in the revelation of God's presence. It's an invitation to trust, to surrender daily, knowing that Christ desires an intimate relationship with us, guiding our steps, and revealing the Father to us.

In your journey, let go of doubts and distractions. Embrace the truth found in God's Word. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to Christ, the gateway to the Father's presence. It's through this daily connection that we find freedom, transformation, and an unbreakable communion with the Father.

Remember, your standing with God is secure. Yet, He invites you daily, through Christ, to experience His presence. May this longing for God's presence lead you to abide in Christ, the Word made flesh, where a profound and unending relationship with the Father awaits.

-Pastor Stan Mons.

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