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Why Satan Comes Knocking

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Sermon Summary:

Lets talk about perseverance – the effort needed to keep going, even when things get tough. The Bible reminds us that we are God's home if we hold onto our confidence and hope. Imagine it this way: you're the house, and God's the one with the master plan, organizing and ordering your life.

When you read the Book of Hebrews, it's clear – if you stick with Jesus, you're on the right track. I believed in Jesus, and now God's building me up. Life is a rollercoaster, but God's got a plan, and He's guiding me through it. That's who you are – the word says if you hold onto that confidence and hope until the end.

The Bible nudges us to cheer each other on. Keep an eye out for your neighbor, your sister, your brother – make sure they don't get stuck in the mud of sin. Life's a team effort, according to the Word.

But if you don't let God take the reins daily, if your heart isn't all in, if you don't fully trust Him with your steps, you might lose that perseverance. The Bible gives a heads up that those who don't let God lead, who don't fully trust Him, won't find that rest they're looking for.

Good news, though – sin can't send a believer to Hell anymore, thanks to Jesus. But if you let sin hang around for too long, it messes with your belief that you're forgiven and favored by God. It clouds the purpose and Kingdom plans for your life.

We're not just believers; we're participants with Christ. We get to do the things He did, thanks to the Holy Spirit living in us. Hold onto that hope and confidence until the end – that's what the Bible says.

Now, let's talk about Job. He's called a servant, but suddenly, Satan gets the green light to test him. Ever notice that Satan knocks when God's proud of you? Picture God up there, bragging about you, and Satan's like, "Challenge accepted!"

Satan's got a plan when he knocks on your door. He wants you to doubt God's direction, intentions, and the purpose of laying your life down. But don't forget – God's got the final say in the story. Hold onto that confidence and trust that God is writing the ending.

Remember that conversation between Jesus and Peter? Satan wanted to test Peter. He aimed to bring out all the junk in Peter's life, make him hit rock bottom. But Jesus steps in and says, "I'm calling the shots here. You're going to make it, Peter."

So, if you feel Satan pounding on your life, trying to shake your faith and confidence, this is the time to stand firm. Even in your worst moments, remind yourself that your confidence isn't in who you can be for God; it's in the cross of Jesus Christ. You're forgiven, favored, and part of the Kingdom – all because of the cross. So, get up every morning with a hop in your step, speak about Jesus with confidence, and forgive the unforgivable, all because of the Cross. Your confidence is in Him, and that's what makes all the difference.

-Pastor Stan Mons


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