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Your Pigs Are Lying

Updated: Feb 6

+Communion Service


Sermon Summary:

The father imparts lessons on how to navigate life, aligning our steps with the calling and purpose He has for us. Inevitably, there are elements in our lives that His word identifies as unclean. Walking with the Lord allows the Spirit to provide personalized guidance, directing us toward a flourishing life designed by Him.

The symbolic representation of pigs serves as a powerful metaphor for these unclean elements. It echoes the clear instructions found in the laws of Moses – contact with impurity results in being cut off from the community. While there is a process for cleansing, intentional proximity to the unclean jeopardizes our connection with God's people and divine offerings.

The warning is clear: if the Lord highlights areas in your life demanding avoidance or abandonment, take heed. Ignoring such guidance triggers consequences, echoing the same message as the laws of Moses – engaging with the unclean risks severing ties with the divine, hindering worship, prayer, and communion with the Lord.

Understanding the significance of the unclean, let's delve into the narrative of the lost son, as recounted by Jesus. This parable unfolds the story of a prodigal who, driven by greed, squanders his inheritance recklessly. Though he believes all is lost, the final revelation unveils that he has not expended everything. However, his perspective, marred by wasteful living, leads him to a place where he perceives utter depletion.

This degradation echoes the consequences of dwelling in the unclean. The lost son, living off the father's provisions in a wasteful manner, mirrors our tendency to misuse God's grace. By abusing forgiveness and straying from the path ordained by the Father, we risk finding ourselves in a destitute state, surrounded by the unclean – our metaphorical pigs.

As the son descends into this pit, he contemplates consuming the pigs' food, symbolizing a willingness to accept the lowest form of sustenance. Similarly, when we draw near to the impurity God has warned us against, we risk internalizing its message. Our feelings and thoughts may echo the pigs' lies, convincing us that we are unworthy, having made a home in the embrace of uncleanness.

Yet, the truth remains: the pigs lie. You may have made a dwelling in the realm of uncleanness, repeatedly seeking refuge in its grasp. Your self-perception may align with the lies the pigs propagate, whispering that you've wasted grace and are no longer worthy to be a child of the Father.

However, the father's response to the lost son reveals a different reality. When the father sees him, he runs, kisses him, adorns him with a ring and sandals, and calls for a celebration. The son, thinking he had spent it all, discovers that the father's willingness to embrace and give is boundless.

Likewise, in Christ, you are brought near by the blood that was shed. Nothing separates you from the Father anymore, except for the lingering unbelief fostered by the pigs' lies. Regardless of what you have touched or where you have strayed, the blood of Jesus has washed you clean. No accusation can stand before the Father, and the pigs' deceitful whispers cannot negate the truth of your worthiness.

So, heed the call of the Spirit and the bride, "Come." Despite the prevalent voices echoing the pigs' lies, remember that you are not unclean. Christ's sacrifice eradicated all barriers, leaving only unbelief as the obstacle. The Father eagerly awaits your return, ready to demonstrate His boundless grace and love once more.

-Pastor Stan Mons


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